ExpendaFarm Cannabis

Organic cannabis is the goal for many growers in Santa Cruz County, but what can organic amendments and additives achieve without the life of the soil? The “Soil Food Web”, as Dr. Elaine Ingham coined it, is the biological life in the soil that sustains mountain forests, valley meadows, orchards and farms. Right below our feet is a world that soil scientists, microbiologists, farmers and gardeners are just getting to know. A food web of beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, and microarthropods are hard at work, day in and day out. It is these organisms that cycle plant residues, manures and organic amendments. As these are broken down nutrients become available to plants as they need them, while excess is held by the organisms. It is this life that ExpendaFarms aims to encourage in the years to come.

expendaberry santa cruz cannabis the expendables expendafarmsOur first fall at ExpendaFarm has been busy. After a harvest of delightful “ExpendaBerry” and “TrainWreck”, the growing team has been hard at work to prepare the ground for planting next spring. Encouragement of soil microorganisms has consisted of additions of locally sourced manures, preparations of compost piles, and germination of a soil building cover crop mix. Many terraces were lightly scratched into the steep hillside at ExpendaFarm and the cover crop has just begun to emerge! Over the winter the mix of bell beans, purple vetch, oats and fava beans will be cut down periodically to give the soil life materials to break down. The roots of these chosen cover crop seeds are also able to take nitrogen from the air and add it to the soil in a plant available form!

ExpendaFarm Cannabis wants to leave patrons with a clean, heady, uplifting vibe after enjoyment. We look forward to sharing biologically grown, organic, healthy, pesticide free product for our friends and family to share!